Vitrea® Enterprise Analytics Solutions Deliver Operational Insights for Informed Decisions

  • Simplify the understanding and visualization of metrics commonly used to measure the performance of healthcare businesses and service lines.
  • Aggregate, organize and display data from multiple data sources and modalities.
  • Maximize imaging investments with technologies to complement and enhance investments across all vendors and modalities.
  • Empower your department with solutions that enable informed decisions to improve operational results.
  • Turn insight into action. Vital partners with you to understand your priorities, target improvement areas and implement actionable plans.

Vitrea Imaging Resource Planning

Healthcare providers frequently struggle for access to meaningful data about their practice’s resources. Data is often stored in service-line specific information systems or resides in disparate databases, requiring IT resources to create and generate reports.

Vitrea® Imaging Resource Planning is an extensible suite of management support tools that unlock access to the data you need to make evidence based decisions to continuously improve efficiency and quality across the practice.

Do you have self-service access to the data you need to answer these questions today?

  • How quickly are we able to perform brain scans on stroke patients?
  • What is the average time to the third available appointment for an MRI at each of my facilities?
  • Have I lost business from my referring physician base recently?
  • Am I using my modality resources effectively and efficiently?
  • What kinds of procedures are being performed on each of the CT scanners in my fleet?
  • What is the utilization rate of each of my ultrasound modalities or other portable devices?
  • What is the report turnaround time for emergency department patients at each of my facilities?
  • How should I staff for the upcoming holiday weekend?
  • Who are my top referring providers of high RVU exams?
  • Are we managing radiation dose levels appropriately across procedures, equipment and staff?

Vitrea Imaging Resource Planning provides insight at all organizational levels — from health system-wide trends to the utilization of a specific resource, on demand and in real-time. It gathers and stores operational data from isolated systems independent of manufacturer or vendor to provide a comprehensive view of your practice.

Self-service access to data you need to support resource management decisions are provided through an extensible suite of applications:

Analytics ROI Calculator

Vital’s suite of Practice Management tools reveals the data you need to manage your referring physician base and grow your exam revenue stream. It also provides access to critical data supporting your ability to reduce costs, avoid unnecessary spending and operate your imaging department or freestanding business efficiently.

Use our simple calculator to see how using data to manage your business can affect your bottom line.

ROI Calculator Example.

Click the thumbnail for larger example.

Vitrea Imaging Resource Planning screen capture

Quality KPI Manager

Select from pre-defined imaging workflow metrics to create powerful dashboards with an easy to use builder interface.

Productivity Monitor

Ask questions and get answers when and where you need them in real-time on demand. Investigate data the highest levels and drill down to specific areas of interest.

Scanner Utilization

A tactical tool to manage the flow of patients through your imaging departments with real-time visibility into patient wait, exam status, exam time and scheduled exams.

Report Search

Unlock the value of diagnostic reports with full-text report search of your entire report repository.

Vitrea Imaging Resource Planning is manufactured for Vital Images, Inc.