Advanced Visualization

Full-powered solutions

Vitrea software is a multi-modality advanced visualization system providing comprehensive applications in a variety of IT environments – from single site to multi-site standardization. Vitrea Advanced Visualization can help you standardize and consolidate your radiology IT footprint.

Advanced imaging tools, such as in-suite 3D viewing and semi-automated measurements, provide physicians with patient information anywhere, anytime. Radiologists can share images throughout their enterprise.

Clinical Applications

Vital’s suite of applications offers full-powered solutions for 2D, 3D and 4D advanced visualization used to process and analyze clinical data from multiple modalities – CT, MR, XA, PET, US and SPECT. Applications for Cardiology, Neurology and Oncology provide comprehensive toolsets that supply medical specialists with information for planning procedures and treating patients.

Cardiovascular Imaging

Neurology Imaging

Oncology Imaging

Vascular/Interventional Imaging

Additional Tools

CT Applications

MR Applications

XA Applications

Ultrasound Applications

Olea Pulse®

Olea Pulse is a fully automated CT/MRI post-processing application that streamlines acute care patient stroke protocols.

Olea Pulse