Image Management Workflow

Vitrea VNA is a highly flexible set of image management software tools that will enable control of your image data flow far beyond traditional PACS archiving. Depending on your organization’s needs, it can be deployed in either a federated or centralized model.

A second-generation VNA technology, Vitrea VNA offers advanced workflow capabilities to facilitate the routing, reading and storage of DICOM and non-DICOM images.


Data Indexing DICOM Images Security
EMPI creating and maintenance Study merge, split, segment Record access logging
Orders: reconciliation and creation DICOM tag morphing Audit record repository
Metadata cataloging DICOM MWL Audit searches and reporting
DICOM device registration VIP workflow
Storage management Confidentiality codes
Image lifecycle management toolset
Specialized scripting (anonymization, routing rules, etc.)


VNA Image 1


VNA Image 2

Vitrea VNA is manufactured for Vital Images, Inc.