One viewer doesn’t meet all image display needs. While universal viewers give a generic overview, the Vitrea family of viewer options provides a wide array of clinical tools at your disposal, serving every clinical space from the ED, to surgery, radiology and beyond.

Enterprise Visualization Image 1.

Vitrea® Advanced Visualization

Vitrea Advanced Visualization is a multi-modality advanced visualization system providing comprehensive applications in a variety of IT environments. Multi-modality applications enhance diagnostic confidence across the organization. Advanced imaging tools, such as in-suite 3D viewing and automated measurements, provide physicians with patient information anywhere, anytime.

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EasyViz Diagnostic Viewer

EasyViz is a full-fidelity, diagnostic-quality viewer, available in a number of deployment options.

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Vitrea Enterprise Viewer

A DICOMwebTM-enabled universal viewer with a wide range of functionality.

  • Diagnostic quality reading when accessed from an appropriate diagnostic monitor
  • Zero footprint – no PHI left on viewing device
  • DICOM and non-DICOM image display
  • Integrated launch of Vitrea Advanced Visualization 3D application
  • Image-enable EMR or launch via web application