Enterprise-wide viewing provides images, reports and other key information across the medical enterprise, supporting a longitudinal and holistic view of patients’ care records and helping care teams formulate and monitor treatment plans. Additionally, enterprise viewing helps visually engage patients, increasing participation in the decision-making process and improving compliance with healthcare recommendations.

Our industry-leading suite of products and services improves collaboration among experts across your medical enterprise, helping consolidate and standardize workflows. Consistent workflows and a unified user experience improves adoption and lowers support costs.

When accessed from a mobile device, Vitrea® Enterprise Viewer is not intended for diagnostic use.

Enterprise Visualization Image 3.

Image Viewing Across the Enterprise

Vitrea Enterprise Viewer and Vitrea VNA image management software offer flexible, tailored solutions to meet current diverse image management strategies and anticipated future growth.

  • Image enables EMR
  • Provides a solution for viewing of DICOM and multimedia images
  • DICOMweb™-enabled for a fast presentation of images
  • Allows for network-based image sharing
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