Enterprise Imaging
It’s Not What You Think.

Connect with our experts at SIIM 2018 to build a strategy that breaks the barriers to consolidated and standardized enterprise imaging. You may think consolidating and standardizing your enterprise imaging systems are expensive, disruptive and limiting initiatives. But they don’t have to be.

Vitrea® Enterprise Imaging Solution

Our customers are valued partners. We work side by side with you to clearly identify your needs and deliver progressive, tailored solutions built upon our modular image management, workflow, visualization and resource planning platform.  The Vitrea Enterprise Imaging solution is comprised of three product families – each founded in our steadfast belief that the patient is first.

Unify the patient story across the continuum of care. Spark collaboration among medical specialties.  |  Free the data that clinicians need to make decisions.

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Vitrea Connection

Enterprise Informatics









































































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Often unseen by the clinician, Vitrea Connection is the foundation upon which our visualization and resource planning solutions excel. It is the engine that constantly renews and refreshes all the relevant information from disparate sources in real-time and seamlessly delivers it to the applications at the point of care. You stay connected to the ever-changing patient story, able to make effective decisions and improve patient care because you have the longitudinal view of the patient record. Learn More.






































































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Vitrea Intelligence

Enterprise Analytics












































































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Vitrea Intelligence is an extensible suite of management support tools including the Practice Management and Opportunity Navigator modules that unlock access to the data you need to make evidence-based decisions to continuously improve efficiency and quality across the practice. Learn More.










































































Vitrea Vision

Enterprise Visualization











































































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Vitrea Vision is built on Vital’s 30-year legacy in advanced visualization technology. As pioneers in this field, we proudly continue to deliver innovative imaging analysis and viewing solutions. Through our years of experience, we have developed a modular viewing platform that can be configured to meet each user’s unique needs, providing access to required images from across your enterprise anytime, anywhere. Learn More.








































































What's New

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Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Vitrea Connection Version 7

The new dataflow engine introduced in Vitrea Connection version 7 delivers greater flexibility to tailor workflows across departments. By using a “graphical dataflow designer,” customers can make massive modifications to the dataflow that are extensible enough to meet each department’s needs.  With a simple drag and drop, customers can quickly and easily create a workflow that is uniquely theirs, without waiting for their custom needs to be addressed within the next version release.

Vitrea Image Sharing Solution

The Vitrea Image Sharing solution automates the labor-intensive and error-prone manual processes of getting outside images, stored on physical media or within another PACS, VNA or image sharing system, into your primary clinical systems and workflows.

Vitrea Intelligence Opportunity Navigator

This financial analytics solution will present you with a menu of available financial “opportunities” and continuously direct you toward specific actions to help increase revenues or avoid costs. With Opportunity Navigator’s powerful recommendation engine, you will always have actionable information at your fingertips to achieve your financial objectives and organizational goals.

Vitrea Advanced Visualization Version 7

Vitrea Advanced Visualization v7 from Vital Images® elevates the reading experience with high-powered diagnostic workflows specifically optimized to help improve throughput for high-impact diseases.

The new application-based platform delivers a cohesive user interface across all modalities and all deployments. With its intuitive design and superior integrated partner applications, Vitrea software facilitates improved clinical workflows across all departments. In addition, many new application specific enhancements have been added to the product.

Featured Innovations

Automated Insights

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Automated Insights (AI) uses machine learning to help you at every step in the process of caring for your patients so that you can work more efficiently and provide better care to your patients. It can help indicate which study should be ready next, patient identification what actionable findings the study contains and what should be done next to care for the patient. Algorithms operate, learn and improve continuously, and can run automatically as soon as new patient data or results become available.

*Works in progress.