• Unlocking & Understanding Data – Hurdles Facing Healthcare Organizations Seeking to Embrace Evidence-Based Thinking October 17, 2017

    In the next 16 years, the worldwide population of individuals 65 years and older will increase more than 60 percent from 617 million to more than 1 billion. The increasing pressures our aging population will put on the healthcare industry will challenge our delivery of quality, cost efficient care like never before. Healthcare organizations need to eliminate waste, streamline processes, and reduce errors all while improving patient outcomes. Read More

  • Data Maturity – How Imaging Enterprises Can Advance Their Use of Analytics October 10, 2017

    Maturity is always something to strive for – and data is no different.

    Maturity models can be a valuable guide in moving an imaging business forward in terms of their use of data analytics. It can provide a helpful roadmap toward deriving more value, and greater insight than in the past, says Geoff Clemmons, Enterprise  Analytics Marketing Manager at Vital Images. Read More

  • Evidence-based management – How imaging businesses can leverage data to make better business decisions October 5, 2017

    Geoff Clemmons envisions a day when imaging business leaders, gathered around a conference table, can call up critical financial, operational and clinical data immediately and use it in the moment to make an important business decision.

    It may be a reality that is not far away. Read More

  • 25 important performance metrics your imaging business should be tracking (and why they matter) October 3, 2017

    That old proverb that you succeed at what you measure is true for healthcare.

    Performance metrics are an important component of healthcare quality. They improve transparency and elevate the standard of patient care. However, in a new patient-centric model of healthcare, performance metrics — especially positive ones — also serve another important function. They help imaging businesses more effectively market their services to patients, providers and referring physicians. Read More

  • Why Vital Images? June 19, 2017

    Interview with Matt Dewey – CIO of Wake Radiology

    Matt Dewey, CIO of Wake Radiology in North Carolina, is a pioneer in the field of empowering imaging leaders with data.  Thus far in the analytics video interview series, we’ve heard Dewey share experiences building a home-grown enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and how that compares to partnering with Vital to provide a full suite of analytics tools, purpose-built to support the management of imaging businesses.  Read More

  • Gaining Efficiencies June 12, 2017

    Interview with Matt Dewey, CIO of Wake Radiology

    In this week’s video interview, Matt Dewey speaks to the resources required to provide users with data prior to implementing an analytics system.  With two employees tasked with constant report and export requests from users, and still a year’s worth of backlog on their plates, it became expectation that reports could either not be delivered to users at all or not in a timely manner.  Read More

  • Empowering Your Organization with Data (Part 2) June 5, 2017

    Interview with Matt Dewey, CIO of Wake Radiology

    Hear what Matt Dewey has to say on the extent to which his facility will utilize analytics vendors’ advisory services to help optimize the imaging business’s operations.  Empowering your users with data is more than just identifying the problem.  Dewey shares how advisory services can help interpret the data and point them in the right direction to solve identified problems.

    Read More

  • Meet the Experts in Imaging Workflow in Booth 323 at SIIM 2017 May 29, 2017

    Explore the possibilities of enhanced collaboration, and connect with our experts to address today’s complex healthcare IT challenges.

    Vital is gearing up for the SIIM 2017 Annual Meeting: Bridging the Transformation to a New Era in Medicine, taking place on June 1-3 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are looking forward to taking a collaborative approach to partner with the healthcare community at SIIM, and address your organization’s imaging workflow challenges. We want to work together to continue to move healthcare IT forward. Visit us in booth 323 to start the conversation.

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  • Empowering Your Organization with Data (Part 1) May 22, 2017

    Interview with Matt Dewey, CIO of Wake Radiology

    Matt Dewey continues the analytics series by expressing the value of accessing data that allows healthcare systems to visualize operations as a whole and in one place.  He shares who at his facility will be empowered by access to operational metrics and which functional areas are most interested in utilizing the system.

    Read More

  • Presentation and Analysis of Data May 15, 2017

    Interview with Matt Dewey, CIO of Wake Radiology

    This week Matt Dewey shares his insights on the importance of presenting data to users graphically instead of numerically.
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