Measuring Performance at Every Step of the Imaging Chain

As healthcare delivery changes, there is increasing focus on cost containment and efficiency. The traditional model of waiting for a sick patient to seek treatment is being replaced by more cost-effective preventative strategies. Providers are moving towards evidence-based medicine and away from ordering unnecessary tests and medications. Organizations are moving towards adopting population health management strategies in which patients are classified according to health states and directed to appropriate healthcare resources accordingly.

Reimbursement models are evolving along with those of healthcare delivery. Fee for service is giving way to bundled payments and value-based reimbursement. Providers are joining accountable care organizations (ACOs). In short, providers are now pressured to hold the line on cost increases. Within this changing model of healthcare delivery, service line managers are now challenged to operate their businesses in the most cost-effective means possible while maintaining or even increasing quality of service.

Operating profitably in today’s healthcare business environment often means finding ways to avoid unnecessary costs, increase revenues by managing your patient referral base and making smart decisions around capital expenditures. How can a healthcare leader do this? Just as your clinical colleagues have applied evidence-based practice guidelines to patient care, managers must practice “evidence-based management” in which data informs and guides business decisions.

Are you able to access data and generate your own reports to answer operational and resource planning questions, such as:

  • Have I lost business from my referring physician base recently?
  • Am I using my modality resources effectively and efficiently?
  • What is the report turnaround time for emergency department patients at each of my facilities?
  • How should I staff for the upcoming holiday weekend?

Vitrea Imaging Resource Planning delivers self-service access to the data you need to answer these and other critical operational questions, allowing you to make evidence-based decisions around efficiency and quality across your enterprise.