Improve Your Imaging Practice With Real-Time Business Intelligence

Imaging leaders recognize the need to hold the line on costs and realize greater efficiencies. As a healthcare leader, real-time access to the financial, clinical and operational data you need remains a challenge with data locked into proprietary systems across the enterprise. What the business side of health care needs to do is evolve in lockstep with its provider partners to a model of evidence-based management, based on real-time business intelligence.

Vitrea Intelligence Practice Management’s comprehensive suite of applications offers your imaging business a solution for becoming a data-driven, evidence-based management organization.

In short, we make running your imaging practice easier by allowing you to make informed decisions. Better decision-making leads to increased revenue, reduced costs and ultimately improved patient and provider satisfaction.

Operational Benefits

  • Manage your entire organization
  • Gain an integrated view into operational, financial, and clinical data in real time
  • Obtain access to critical data

Clinical Benefits

  • Manage and optimize modality throughput
  • Search clinical reports by keyword
  • Visualize patient waits in real-time
  • Better manage sites, departments, and resources
  • Leverage KPIs to propagate best practices

IT Benefits

  • Enable easy end-user interaction with data visualization
  • Free your IT resources from report generation tasks with user access to data
  • Leverage standard communication protocols such as HL7 and DICOM
  • Support enterprise data warehouse integration
  • Acquire a scalable solution that grows with your organization

Analytics ROI Calculator

Vital’s suite of Practice Management tools reveals the data you need to manage your referring physician base and grow your exam revenue stream. It also provides access to critical data supporting your ability to reduce costs, avoid unnecessary spending and operate your imaging department or freestanding business efficiently.

Use our simple calculator to see how using data to manage your business can affect your bottom line.

ROI Calculator Example.

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Vitrea Imaging Resource Planning screen capture
On Demand Reporting image.

Understand Your Imaging Practice with ‘On Demand Reporting’

  • Manage your entire organization
  • View operational, financial and clinical data
  • Enable self-service access to critical information
  • Interact with your data using drill-down filters
KPI Dashboard image.

Manage Performance with the ‘Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard’

  • Manage sites, departments and resources
  • Intuitively view focused performance metrics
  • Build user configurable KPI’s using simple filters
  • Share KPI’s with others to propagate best practices
Scanner Utilization image.

Visualize Patient Modality Throughput with ‘Scanner Utilization’

  • Manage and optimize modality throughput
  • Visualize patient waits in real-time
  • Define and monitor custom resource groups
  • View current or past equipment usage patterns
Clinical Report Search image.

Improve Quality of Care with ‘Clinical Report Search’

  • Search all clinical reports by keywords
  • Use advanced search options to filter results
  • Save and reuse common searches
  • Export search results to .xls files
Checklist image.

Track recommendations for follow-up with ‘Checklist’

  • Automatically identify recommendations made by radiologists in diagnostic reports
  • Create checklists for appropriate follow-up
  • Document communication and workflow steps for quality process improvements
  • Create cohort analysis for improved discovery and communication

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