Protect your healthcare data from ransomware attacks

Imaging and PACS vendors are faced with ransomware attacks nearly every day. Having an ePHI protection system can help prevent that. The three levels of ePHI: ePHI In-flight, ePHI Inside and ePHI at Rest, are a great step to protect personal medical information that can sometimes be exposed through IP addresses.

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Enterprise Imaging Success Stories in Healthcare.

Accessing patient image data in real time, from anywhere, on any device is one of the leading challenges facing healthcare organizations today. Modern enterprise imaging can add value to your organization by improving reporting and centralizing images, giving your care team access to the data they need as they need it.

Canon Medical has helped numerous healthcare organizations successfully implement enterprise imaging and realize these benefits. Download our ebook to read how three clients improved clinical and business outcomes with our enterprise imaging solution.

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Consolidating and Standardizing Enterprise Imaging

It's Not What You Think

You may think consolidating and standardizing your enterprise imaging systems are expensive, disruptive and limiting initiatives. But they don’t have to be.

What if you learned that consolidating your enterprise imaging systems didn’t have to mean disruption, extended downtime and ripping out other data systems? What if it could cost less and require fewer implementation resources than you think?

What if you realized that you could standardize workflows, systems and reporting – and still get access to all of the premier clinical applications you need from a single solution suite? What if you discovered that future upgrades to that solution could cost you nothing?

To learn more about what consolidation and standardization could look like in your organization, download our eBook.

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Analytics in Action

It’s the end of “business as usual” in imaging! It is no secret that healthcare delivery is changing. Operating profitably in today’s healthcare business environment often means finding ways to avoid unnecessary costs, increase revenues by managing your patient referral base and making smart decisions around capital expenditures. How can a healthcare leader do this? Learn more about the case for being a data-driven imaging business.

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