Vital U® Offerings

Vital U* is our professional educational organization. We offer various learning opportunities for you to choose from. Because we value fostering partnerships with our customers, we tailor ongoing education programs for each organization’s size, needs and desired outcomes. All of our courses are taught by clinical and technical experts. U.S.-based technologists can earn CE credits from selected courses.

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Classroom Education

For uninterrupted learning in a hands-on classroom environment, sign up for a Vital U classroom course at our headquarters in Minneapolis. Each course module reinforces Vital U’s standardized learning methodology with review of image acquisition, protocol assignment, case analysis and image distribution.

On-Site Classroom Education

On-site facility education teaches the fundamentals of Vital Images’ advanced visualization software. This can be tailored by sub-specialty or modality. Each student will utilize their own workstation in a classroom setting with hands-on training.


Resources are available online, exactly when and where you need them. Access to our eLearning, educational courses, videos, workflows, user guides, and other release-related documentation are available to customers.

Live Webinars

Our live webinars offer lecture-style instruction on the use of clinical applications. New modules are offered every week. A Vital U instructor will lead you through product changes and enhancements after new releases.

Clinical Education and Workflows

Access clinical education and workflow documents here.

Accessing Education

When you purchase software from Vital, you receive education units per the terms of your purchase. Your maintenance and support agreement may include additional, automatically renewing education units. You may purchase more units any time you need them.

Use Your Vital U units for:LocationsDaysUnits
Fundamentals for Advanced Visualization FundamentalsClassroom32
Vital Advanced Applications (Must be paired with the Fundamentals class.)Classroom11
Include travel to classroomN/AN/A2
VitreaAdvanced® Workstation*Your Facility26
Enterprise Advanced Visualization*Your Facility39
Four-Hour Webinar Tailored to Your SiteOnline.351
On-Site with Five Classroom Laptop Add-On*Your FacilityN/A3
eLearning Videos**OnlineN/AUnlimited
Vital U WebinarsOnlineN/AUnlimited

*Minimum of 2-days per on-site visit.
**Available to customers with a Maintenance and Support agreement at no additional charge.


Call the Vital U education coordinator at 952-487-9559 or e-mail to register or to inquire about these course offerings.

Course Topics

Fundamental Advanced Visualization for Clinical Staff

  • 2D Imaging
  • MPR Imaging
  • 3D Imaging
  • Images, Batches and Movies

Cardiac Imaging Solutions

  • CT Cardiac
  • Angiography
  • Vessel Probe
  • Cardiac Functional Analysis (CFA)
  • Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring
  • EP Planning

Vascular Imaging Solutions

  • Peripheral CTA/MRA Analysis
  • Carotid Artery
  • Renal Artery
  • Endovascular Stent Planning
  • TAVR
  • Automated Vessel Measurement (AVM)

Neuro Imaging Solutions

  • Neurology
  • Brain Perfusion
  • Circle of Willis (COW)/Cerebral Arterial Circle

Oncology Imaging Solutions

  • Pulmonary/Lung
  • Tumor Volume
  • Oncology Fusion
  • Colon Imaging (VC)


  • Joint Disarticulation
  • Implant Segmentation

*Vital U is a registered mark in the US and may have protection in other countries.