Phil – Software Engineer


How would you describe the culture here at Canon Medical?

I believe that the people you work with are the ones who define the company’s culture. Here at Canon Medical, it’s really the people that make it the kind of company it is. We hire people who are smart and passionate about what they do. It just so happens that those people are also really fun to work with! At Canon Medical, you’re encouraged to take the initiative and step outside of your comfort zone. Our leadership wants to see you succeed and they work to see that you are given opportunities to do so. If you like working with amazing people, being pushed to learn and grow, and want to have fun while doing it, then Canon Medical is a great place to be!

What was your favorite project in the past year?
The VitreaView® enterprise viewer team recently worked on adding an image sharing feature. It was a fun project to work on because it had us working to integrate with 3rd party image sharing products and pushed us to make our platform more flexible. I also think it’s a cool feature!

Every job has its challenges, what keeps you motivated to do your best?
I’m motivated by the chance to create a better world. Canon Medical creates software that helps people when they are at their most vulnerable and when they need help the most. That’s what helps me stay determined to do my best, even when facing challenges.

Why do you enjoy coming to work each day?
Knowing that you’re helping to create something that can save lives is a reason to come in to work every day. The company tagline is, “What we do matters.” It can seem cheesy at first until you hear a story from someone whose life was saved in part because of the software that you helped make.

How would you describe your day to day role and why it impacts our business?
I spend a lot of my time helping to build great software. This means getting to work with those awesome people I described earlier and working together to figure out how to make our solutions the best. By being given the time and space needed to build great software, Canon Medical allows us as developers to create software that sets us apart from other players in the market. Click here to search current career opportunities at Canon Medical.