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Data is abundant. But without interoperability and algorithms, data can’t support clinical decision making. We go beyond collecting and storing data—with platforms that can make it meaningful to the end user, and distribute it across systems.

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Our zero-footprint, personalized viewing experience provides access and collaboration at an enterprise level. We’ve shown not just what’s possible but what’s applicable in the realities of the hospital setting.

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We are able to give patients access to images while at the same time delivering analytics associated with those images to those that need it the most. With our vendor neutral archive (VNA), we bring providers and patients together.

The Vitrea Enterprise Imaging Solution is Transforming Healthcare

Vital provides an Enterprise Imaging solution that is scalable, making data easily accessible throughout your organization – in real-time – enabling both clinicians and management to see the whole patient picture.

Our Enterprise Imaging Solution makes data accessible across all organizational sizes, multi-facility and provider networks, at any time and anywhere and in any standardized form. It connects disparate PACS together and provides data and image management tools that are designed to reduce unnecessary costs, promote efficiency, streamline collaboration and can increase physician and patient satisfaction.

We bring a healthcare informatics tool that can help you process the data you are reading, reduce unnecessary costs and drive interoperability.

How can we make Enterprise Imaging possible for you?

Partnering with Vital gave us the opportunity to bring leading-edge technology into our culture of providing our patients with seamless, coordinated, and more-informed care. Vitrea is fast and works intuitively. The ease with which we can share images among providers helps us meet and exceed our goals for patient care and patient satisfaction.”