Standardize Your Advanced Visualization Systems

Gain operational efficiencies and help improve patient outcomes.

Healthcare organizations are finding that choosing a single-vendor solution can help reduce total cost of ownership.  Many facilities have multiple vendor solutions with duplicate functionality and low or unknown usage rates – each with its own vendor maintenance and service agreement, training program and proprietary workflow. Premier advanced visualization applications may have been too expensive in a multi-vendor implementation but consolidating with a single vendor brings them within reach.

  • Simplify vendor maintenance and service contract management
  • Reduce duplicate functionality
  • Help improve advanced visualization system usage rates with standardized user experience, education, and training
  • Leverage premier, vendor-neutral advanced visualization applications to help improve patient outcomes more quickly and easily – anytime and anywhere

Introducing the New Performance Option Package

Cost-effectively operationalize your advanced visualization solution costs, upgrade to the latest software version and get the complete suite of Vital's applications.

  • CT Cardiac Analysis
  • CT EP Planning
  • CT 2D Brain Perfusion
  • CT Liver Analysis
  • Image Denoising
  • CT Dual Energy Image View
  • 3D Printing
  • CT Cardiac CFA
  • CT VScoreTM
  • CT Lung Nodule
  • CT 4D Brain Perfusion
  • XA 3D Angio
  • Vessel Probe
  • Cerebral Aneurysm
  • CT Body Perfusion
  • CT Myocardial Perfusion
  • CT Cardiac Multi Chamber
  • CT TAVR Planning
  • CT Virtual Colon
  • Global Illumination
  • CT SurePlaqueTM
  • CT Lung Density Analysis
  • Multi Modality Viewer
Vital GI image.

Why Upgrade to Version 7

  • Access to the latest clinical enhancements like Global Illumination
  • New intuitive user interface – ideal for reading rooms & PACS integrations
  • Consistent CT, MR, XA, PET/CT, NM & US workflows 
  • Supports partner application on workstation, extend & enterprise systems
  • Clinical enhancements & workflow improvements
  • Improved cybersecurity – MS Windows 10 or MS Server 2016 OS 
  • Performance improvements – faster application launch & processing speed
  • Help reduce IT overhead – improved admin tools & reduced complexity
  • User guides, online & live webinars for education included with upgrade

* Requires Version 7 Compatible Hardware​. Software Upgrades included in Support Contracts​. Cost-Effective HW Upgrade Options are ​also available.

Vitrea Enterprise Single Server

Enterprise single server is a new configuration for the Vitrea Advanced Visualization enterprise deployment. Vitrea enterprise single server is a server-based solution for up to six concurrent users.  It is available as a workgroup or domain deployment with PACS integration support for domain environments.

  • Simple all in one deployment 
  • High performing deployment option for the clinical user
  • Supports PACS integration and remote access
  • Supports up to six concurrent users 
  • Reduced footprint – only two units of rack space 
  • Reduced hardware cost for new installations or installed base 
    hardware replacement projects
  • Potential for reduced professional services costs
  • Uses SQL Express (no additional cost) – avoid the cost of SQL Enterprise SW

Request More Information

Request more information on the Vital Performance Option Package, including pricing information, live demonstrations, and upgrade options.

Integrated, Automated Acute Stroke Processing

Olea Pulse* is a fully automated CT/MRI post-processing application that streamlines acute care patient stroke protocols.

  • Instant volumetric estimation of lesion, hypoperfused areas and mismatch.
  • Multiple volumes automatic computation
  • Dynamic thresholding perfusion maps to visually assess the hypoperfused area
  • Automated and customizable stroke report

*Olea Pulse is powered by Olea Medical and is available for sale in Canada, Asia Pacific and the US.

Olea Pulse on mobile device.

*Not for diagnostic use when viewed on
a mobile device.

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