It’s time to get more from your advanced visualization investment

Ditch the legacy contracts for a more flexible, convenient subscription plan and keep your access to the same, world-class Vitrea Advanced Visualization product.

A trusted partner to operationalize your advanced visualization solutions

No matter what pricing structure fits your needs, you’ll still have the access to the latest Vitrea AV solutions, world-class customer support and exclusive access to the latest innovations from Canon Medical. Our AI-driven clinical workflows can help meet the demands of your entire enterprise and it’s time to modernize your AV solutions.

Shift ahead with subscription-based pricing


Operationalize your existing
Vitrea solution

Get the same access to our world-class Canon Medical product without the lengthy budget approval process.


Save on Capital Expenses

Get out of the capital budgeting process that’s associated with long-term AV contracts and simplify the process for future upgrades.

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Prime your team for growth

Our flexible pricing model allows for future growth and innovation – getting the best version of software and the latest applications into your team’s hands.

Find the pricing solution that fits your organization's needs

Connect with your dedicated account manager and discover the best combination of Canon Medical’s solutions to start operationalizing your AV solution today.

* Qualification should be determined by the customers Finance Team A.

Why Subscription Based Licenses? – Typically Uses a different budgeting/approval process in Departments – Operation vs. Capital – Typically Simplifies the Upgrade process – Not necessarily a less Expensive Option – Cannot mix a Capital Purchase and a Term License GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) requirements for Operational Leases * – Cannot be a transfer of Ownership of the asset to the lessee at the end of the lease – Cannot contain a bargain purchase option at the end of term – Example a $1.00 Buyout – The lease life exceeds 75% of the asset’s economic life – The Present Value exceeds 90% of the assets fair Market Value * Qualification should be determined by the customers Finance Team Application to VPOP IB Promo & Olea Pulse – Existing Options and Concurrent User Licenses Convert to Term Licenses – All Costs are rolled into one Monthly Payment (SW/HW/PS/ EDU/Support) – All Licenses “Time Out” at the End of Term – Simplifies Upgrade Process (Financials) – Extend Term , increase or reduce price.