Clinical Applications

Canon Medical’s suite of applications offers full-powered solutions for 2D, 3D and 4D advanced visualization used to process and analyze clinical data from multiple modalities – CT, MR, XA, PET, US and SPECT. Applications for Cardiology, Neurology and Oncology provide comprehensive toolsets that supply medical specialists with information for planning procedures and treating patients.

Advanced Visualization Cardiovascular Imaging Cardio Thoracic Imaging Canon Medical

Cardiovascular Imaging

Neurology Imaging image 1.

Neurology Imaging

Oncology Imaging image 1.

Oncology Imaging

Advanced Visualization - Vascular Interventional Imaging image 1.

Vascular/Interventional Imaging

Workflows image 1.


Global illumination image.

Additional Tools

Advanced Visualization - CT - CT Cardiac Functional Analysis image

CT Applications

Advanced Visualization - MR Neuro Full image.

MR Applications

Advanced Visualization - Cerebral Aneurysm image.

XA Applications

TomTec ultrasound image.

Ultrasound Application

Automated Stroke Processing

Olea Pulse® is a fully automated CT/MRI post-processing application that streamlines acute care patient stroke protocols.

Olea Pulse.

Olea Pulse®