EasyViz Diagnostic Viewer

A personalized, highly contextualized diagnostic viewing experience.

The number of radiological studies is on the rise. So is the number of images per study. As demands on radiologists’ time continue to increase, it becomes challenging to deliver timely, relevant information to help them find the answers to clinical questions efficiently and provide the best care.

The EasyViz diagnostic viewer is designed with these challenges in mind. Its flexible, customizable user interface keeps patient data organized for easy access and a better reading experience. A complete solution for primary diagnosis and reading, EasyViz diagnostic viewer helps to improve patient care by maximizing productivity and increasing diagnostic accuracy.

Gain support for your unique workflow needs.

  • Allows diagnosis from local or remote environments with uncompromised image quality and performance.
  • Choose from multiple deployment options – thick, thin and zero footprint.
  • Enhances communication that supports improved patient care: real-time session collaboration, interrupted workflow and multidisciplinary team meetings

Help improve diagnostic accuracy.

  • Incorporates user-customizable diagnostic tools and hanging protocols.
  • Offers fast and easy navigation, as well as image interaction and manipulation through an intuitive user interface, regardless of device or location.
  • Performs contextualized launch into advanced visualization applications with premier diagnosis tools.
  • Provides single-system support for subspecialty reads with complete, clinically advanced 2D/3D toolset across all modalities, including fusion expansion modules and mammography. (EasyViz Fusion is not available in the U.S.)

Create an optimal UX with a personalized toolset.

EasyViz diagnostic viewer provides radiologists with a fast, reliable viewing experience and a customizable diagnostic toolset that is consistent – regardless of device or location. It delivers highly contextualized advanced hanging protocols – driven by modality, body part and individual reading preferences. It offers:

  • Advanced hanging protocols, including mammography support
  • Full range of 2D and 3D diagnostic tools
  • Patient study browser synchronized with image display
  • Intelligent management of relevant priors
  • Customizable toolbars, menus and shortcuts
  • Support for interrupted workflow and real-time session collaboration
  • Browser download for simple installation
  • Third-party worklist management and reporting tools integration

Reduce data-retrieval complexity through superior accessibility.

  • Provides for enterprise-level access, accuracy and collaboration to help radiologists find answers efficiently and provide the best care.
  • Allows for seamless access to distributed imaging data, including intelligent management of relevant priors:
  • Reduces network traffic and cost through adaptive streaming technology while maintaining high image-reading performance and efficiency.