Vitrea Enterprise Viewer | Vitrea Diagnostic Viewer | Vitrea Advanced Visualization

A meaningful legacy

Canon Medical has a legacy of challenging what is possible in healthcare imaging. And our past informs the future. Our personalized viewing experience provides access, accuracy and collaboration at an enterprise level. We’ve shown not just what’s possible but what’s applicable in the realities of the hospital setting.

Vitrea View Enterprise Viewer

The diagnostic-quality, zero-footprint viewer.

  • Get real-time access to consolidated imaging information.
  • Realize the full benefits of enterprise viewing.
  • Collaborate to help improve the patient experience.
  • Help improve patient care.

Vitrea Diagnostic Viewer

A personalized, highly contextualized diagnostic viewing experience.

  • Gain support for your unique workflow needs.
  • Help improve diagnostic accuracy.
  • Create an optimal UX with a personalized toolset.
  • Reduce data-retrieval complexity through superior accessibility.

Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Full-powered solutions

Vitrea software is a multi-modality advanced visualization system providing comprehensive applications in a variety of IT environments – from single site to multi-site standardization. Vitrea Advanced Visualization can help you standardize and consolidate your radiology IT footprint.