The Canon Medical Performance Option Package
A single-vendor solution for your advanced visualization needs

A new offering for our customers to help you standardize your advanced visualization systems, reduce your total cost of ownership, gain operational efficiencies, and bring premier advanced visualization applications within reach.

Included in the Canon Medical Performance Option Package

Canon Medical application suite screenshot.

Upgrade to
Vitrea Version 7 Software

Help gain operational efficiencies with access the latest clinical enhancements like Global Illumination, improved cybersecurity, and a new intuitive user interface.

Vitrea version 7 screenshot.

The Complete Suite of
Vitrea Clinical Applications

Canon Medical’s suite of applications offers full-powered solutions for 2D, 3D and 4D advanced visualization used to process and analyze clinical data from multiple modalities.

Vitrea performance screen on mobile device

Operationalized Advanced
Visualization Solution Costs

This package allows you to operationalize upgrades as a part of licensing and support contracts. Gain flexibility to make upgrades and add capabilities outside of budget cycles.

An Introduction to Version 7

Learn how the Vitrea Advanced Visualization Version 7 platform has changed from Version 6. Watch the video to see new features and functionality, from new study lists and usability changes to technical enhancements.

Why Upgrade to Version 7

Clinical workflow enhance icon.


Global Illumination

Education icon.

and Training

User guides, online and live webinars
for education included with upgrade​

laptop with two radiology icons

New, Intuitive
User Interface

Ideal for reading rooms
and PACS integrations

computer with graph, camera, science and radiology icons



Security icon.


MS Windows 10
or MS Server 2016 OS

Performance icon.


Faster application launch
and processing speed​

Reduced IT icon.

IT Overhead

Improved Admin Tools
and Reduced complexity

Concurrent icon.

Concurrent Users

Now supports up to
30 concurrent users

* Requires Version 7 Compatible Hardware​. Software Upgrades included in Support Contracts​. Cost-Effective HW Upgrade Options are ​also available.

Vitrea Enterprise Single Server: A cost-effective way to support Version 7 software upgrades

Enterprise single server is a new server-based configuration for the Vitrea Advanced Visualization enterprise deployment that supports up to six concurrent users. This can be deployed for customers who need Vitrea Version 7-compatible technology. It is available as a workgroup or domain deployment with PACS integration support for domain environments.

  • Simple all in one deployment
  • High performing deployment option for the clinical user​
  • Supports PACS integration and remote access

Comparison Chart: Version 6 to Version 7

Checkmark icon solid small version. = IncludedCheckmark icon outlined small version. = Partially Included

Clinical and Workflow Enhancements Version 6 Version 7
Global Illumination (Cinematic Rendering)   Checkmark icon solid.
Brain Perfusion with Bayesian   Checkmark icon solid.
CT VScore (Calcium Scoring) Enhancements Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
TAVR Enhancements Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
Lung Nodule Analysis with GGO   Checkmark icon solid.
Electronic Colon Cleansing   Checkmark icon solid.
Rotational Batch   Checkmark icon solid.
XA Enhancements Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
User Interface Version 6 Version 7
Consistent UI Regardless of Deployment   Checkmark icon solid.
New Intuitive UI Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
Simplified PACS integration Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
Multi Monitor Support/ with Multi concurrent application support Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
Multi Modality Viewer (replaces Core) Individual User Configurability Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
(RDWeb) Zero footprint (remote access) no downloads(replaces thin client) Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
Cybersecurity Version 6 Version 7
MS Windows 10 or MS Server 2016, 2019 OS Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
Reduced vulnerability surface area Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
Adopt DoD and FDA cybersecurity guidelines and security risk management frameworks   Checkmark icon solid.
Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring   Checkmark icon solid.
IT Version 6 Version 7
Improved Admin Tools and reduced complexity and decreased IT overhead Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
Four user (4 in 1) application server support   Checkmark icon solid.
Enterprise Single Server Deployment option   Checkmark icon solid.
SQL Express with Enterprise deployments Checkmark icon outlined. Checkmark icon solid.
Nvidia Grid Card support for virtualization   Checkmark icon solid.
HP Gen 10 Hardware support   Checkmark icon solid.
Dell Hardware support   Checkmark icon solid.
Faster App launch and processing speeds (back end improvements)   Checkmark icon solid.
Applications Version 6 Version 7
Modality based Apps such as Spectral Analysis, Spectral composition Analysis, Spectral Stone Analysis, Filming Sure Volume Synthesis, Cerebral Aneurysm Analysis, Embolization Plan, Dual Energy Support, Wall Motion Tracking, and MR Coronary Analysis   Checkmark icon solid.
4DM Invia Integration   Checkmark icon solid.
Medis Integration CVMR Suite   Checkmark icon solid.
Medis 4D Qflow and AutoQ   Checkmark icon solid.
Latest updates with platform partners   Checkmark icon solid.
Syntermed NeuroQ   Checkmark icon solid.

Additional Resources

The Canon Medical Performance Option Package is designed to help healthcare organizations take advantage of the latest Vitrea technology through a single-vendor solution. To learn more about Vitrea Version 7, standardizing advanced visualization and education opportunities, check out these additional resources.

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eBook: Standardize Your IT Footprint

Healthcare organizations are finding that choosing a single-vendor solution can help reduce the total cost of ownership. Simplify vendor maintenance contracts, improve system usage rates, and more.

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Education and Training

Looking for more opportunities to learn about Canon Medical’s offerings? We have various learning and training options available, including live clinical webinars and education programs through Vital U.

Request More Information

Request more information on the Canon Medical Performance Option Package, including pricing information, live demonstrations, and upgrade options.