Enterprise Imaging Archive | Image Sharing | Data Orchestration Engine

Enterprise technology isn’t just about imaging. It’s about content.

Working with Canon Medical means you’re working with imaging experts who think beyond imaging. Canon Group is bringing imaging information but also textual information – all for the purpose of one shared view for a user. Together with Canon Group, we are able to give patients access to images while at the same time delivering analytics associated with those images to the IT manager or imaging department head. It’s content that brings provider and patient together.

Enterprise Imaging Archive

Connect to and understand your data in a meaningful way.

A patient-centric archive for all of your medical images and associated data objects, Vitrea Connection leverages industry standards to maximize interoperability.

Image Sharing

Taking you the last mile.

The Vitrea Image Sharing solution solves the “last mile” problem by automating the processes for outside image ingestion, allowing clinicians fast access to outside images within their current workflow. Closing the gap and completing the image sharing workflow benefits the department, the enterprise and ultimately the patient.

Data Orchestration Engine

Vitrea Connection provides patient-centric orchestration of multiple data types.

Leveraging the best technologies from all industries, the data orchestration engine within Vitrea Connection delivers greater flexibility to tailor workflows across departments. By using a graphical dataflow designer, customers can make massive modifications to the dataflow that are extensible enough to meet each department’s needs and accommodate unknown future needs. With a simple drag and drop, customers can quickly and easily create a workflow that is uniquely theirs, without waiting for their custom needs to be addressed within the next version release.