Predictive Analytics | Business Intelligence | Advanced Analytics Platform

We don’t just deliver data. We deliver meaning.

Advances in technology mean data is abundant. But without interoperability and algorithms, data can’t support clinical decision making. We go beyond collecting and storing data—with platforms that can make it meaningful to the end user, and distribute it across systems.

Predictive Analytics

Improve financial performance with predictive analytics.

Opportunity Navigator predictive analytics combines your operational and financial data and then presents a menu of financial “opportunities” that you could realize by taking specific actions to increase revenues or avoid costs.

Business Intelligence

Gain access to the clinical, operational and financial data you need to become a data-driven organization.

The Practice Management business intelligence module makes running your imaging business easier by allowing you to make informed business decisions. It reveals the information you need to manage your organization and your referring physician base strategically, helping you to enhance your exam revenue stream.

Advanced Analytics Platform

Visually analyze the rich data that is generated directly by your imaging equipment.

With the addition of Codex, Vitrea Intelligence becomes an even more powerful tool. Using Codex, you can visually analyze the data that is generated directly by your imaging equipment. It unlocks the DICOM metadata, providing the most comprehensive and accurate view of imaging operations available today, enabling your organization to make more informed decisions through convenient access to comprehensive information.