End-of-Life Notice

Thank you for being a valued customer of Canon Medical. In the ever-changing world of healthcare technology and information security, Canon Medical Informatics continues to advance our products to align with industry changes and to introduce new features, provide workflow improvements, enhance clinical capabilities and improve cyber security.

Every product release comes with a product lifecycle, and as new software versions are introduced, older versions move into End of Life. Updated software enhancements and upgrades are made available to our customers as part of software maintenance contracts – this helps to reduce costs and keep up to date with the latest versions.

End-of-Life Notification

This notice is to advise you that Vitrea® software versions 6.9.2 and earlier are at or approaching End of Life (EOL). The EOL of the 6.9.2 is also necessitated by the EOL of older Microsoft software operating systems and Internet Explorer as well as the declining availability of compatible replacement hardware and graphics cards. This EOL notification also indicates software versions 7.10.2 and earlier are also at or approaching EOL.

Canon Medical Informatics policy for products reaching End of Life applies to versions of Vitrea software still in operation more than four (4) years after the software release date.

Effective November 1st, 2022 the EOL policy will apply to all Vitrea software versions 6.9.2 and earlier as well as all Vitrea Software versions 7.10.2 and earlier.

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What Does End of Life Mean?

After November 1st, 2022, Vitrea software versions 6.9.2 and earlier and 7.10.2 and earlier will no longer be:

  • Sold
  • Distributed
  • Redistributed or reinstalled by Canon Medical Support
  • Eligible for any software changes or standard software support

More Detail:

  • You can continue to use your current version of Vitrea 6.9.2 or version of 7.10.2 (or earlier) software.
  • All versions of 6.9.2 and 7.10.2 (and earlier) software are no longer subject to any further engineering development, enhancements, or fixes.
  • If you are covered under a software maintenance and support contract, you can upgrade to the latest version of Vitrea software* as part of the coverage.
  • Support will be available for the impacted versions of software on a reasonable effort basis.

Reasonable Effort is defined as follows for customers on a Support contract:

  • Basic trouble shooting, guidance & remediation of issues when possible
  • Does not include any patches, updates or bug fixes to the EOL software
  • Does not include reinstallation of the EOL software
  • If the identified fix for an issue is part of an available software upgrade, the upgrade will be the only option available.
  • The customer may be required to upgrade to resolve the issue
  • Customers that are not on support contracts are not eligible for support.

*New hardware and Professional Services charges may apply 

Recommended Actions

For customers with an active maintenance contract:

Canon Medical customers that are covered under a maintenance contract are entitled to a release that is UDI compliant. This is part of the existing maintenance contract.

Please note: New Vitrea software may not be compatible with your existing hardware and may require the purchase of new hardware along with Canon Medical’s Professional Services.

Upgrade to the latest version by contacting a Customer Success Manager:

For customers without an active maintenance contract:

If you are not currently covered under a maintenance contract, consider renewing for a UDI compliant revision of software and maintenance support.

In addition to new features and improved performance, there are a number of cyber security advantages that come with the Windows 10 operating system.

Renew your maintenance contract by contacting a Customer Success Manager: