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Catch Up with Vital in Our 

Virtual HIMSS Experience

Although HIMSS 2020 was canceled, you can still get the latest news and education from Vital.

Sign up for webinars of our planned Vital Live industry expert presentations, or schedule a demo to see our Vitrea solution and how Vitrea Enterprise Imaging helps organizations unlock the power of AI-assisted workflows with VNAi.

While plans for HIMSS may have changed, our conversation doesn’t have to.

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End-to-End Enterprise Imaging Solution Demo

Our AI-assisted automated workflow is easily integrated with Vitrea Enterprise Imaging, delivering automated clinical insights and smarter workflows across all modalities, departments and care teams.

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Encounters-based Imaging Workflow

Data orchestration capabilities allowing Point-of-Care Ultrasound images to be captured and associated with the patient, providing a more complete clinical record and the ability to capture additional technical charges.

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Case Study: Enterprise Imaging at Ochsner Health System

Ochsner Health System was looking for an enterprise imaging partner who could grow with them as quickly as they were growing themselves. Watch our video with Ochsner’s Vice President of Imaging Service, Ashley Clary, about how Vital gave them the flexibility and technical infrastructure they needed for growth.

Vital Live: Industry Expert Presentations

Stay connected as we work to move these expert presentations to a digital experience.

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Discovering the Value in Your Data

Eric Rice, Senior Consultant 
Paragon Consulting Partners

Presentation Overview

Following a decade of healthcare data consolidation with EMR and VNA deployments, hear how health organizations across the United States are becoming consumers of their own data to drive workflow optimizations and efficiencies, reduce physician burnout, and improve clinical care. Hear some of the challenges currently being faced across our industry, highlighting a case study where opportunities for improvement have been identified through data analytics and are now being measured, monitored, and improved. Learn about the types of tools, services, and infrastructure that may help in solving these challenges in your environment.

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The Best Worklist You’ll Never See

Dave Revell, CIO

Presentation Overview

Hear how Radia’s own developed worklist, powered by AI, enables maximum productivity and is fully integrated with Vital’s enterprise imaging solution.

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Post-pandemic: Strategies for Managing the “New Normal”

Jef Williams, Managing Partner
Paragon Consulting Partners

Presentation Overview

There will be a time when we realize this world, post-pandemic, is our “new normal.” With that, healthcare systems will need to prepare for the influx of patients and the high volume of information that is coming. Preparing for this “new normal” will require collaboration between services with an emphasis on governance. We see a strong correlation between the influx of imaging services and OR utilization. This on-demand webinar will help you discover how you can use your imaging service influx as an indicator of the downstream effects and understand why and when patients may come to seek care when they are sicker (specifically within the OR, rehab, cancer, etc…)

Presented by industry experts Jef Williams, Managing Partner, Paragon Consulting Partners, and Larry Sitka, Vice President of Enterprise Applications, Vital, a Canon Group Company.

Gordian Knot Logo

Part 1: ONC Interoperability Roadmap – Current State of Enterprise Imaging

Dawn Cram, Managing Partner
The Gordian Knot Group, LLC

Presentation Overview

Don’t miss out on this two-part series starting with understanding what the ONC’s roadmap to interoperability is comprised of and hearing where health systems are today on the journey from ability to compliance.

Part 2: Achieving Interoperability in Enterprise Imaging – Impacts and Cost

Dawn Cram, Managing Partner
The Gordian Knot Group, LLC

Presentation Overview

Part 2 of this series will address questions organizations are asking today around the shift that needs to occur, including what are the impacts once interoperability is achieved, what are the cost implications, what can organizations start doing now to prepare, and more.

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Vitrea Enterprise Imaging Solution

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A true Enterprise Imaging Archive with advanced data orchestration capabilities to support specialized workflows and built-in image sharing functionality.

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A personalized image viewing experience, tailored to your clinical role and delivered via zero-footprint applications.

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Business intelligence and predictive analytics tools to help you make evidence-based management decisions.