06 Nov 2017

The Learning Health System (LHS) is coming.

By 2025, US-based hospitals are required by the Office of the National Coordinator to have in place a ‘Learning Health System,’ meaning that the right data must be available to the right people at the right time in a way that can be relied upon and meaningfully used by clinicians. Such a system also requires individuals to securely share electronic health information to support informed decision making.

It’s an ideal that healthcare imaging leaders in Canada, Europe, and Asia seek as well.

But what is notable is that, as a medical imaging expert, you don’t have to rip out your current PACS and replace it to achieve the LHS.

You can evolve into it with solutions that promote progressive migration and replacement. You can leverage your existing systems and immediately improve workflow and interoperability.

We can help you get to 2025 sooner. And you won’t have to write big checks to do it.

But you will need a plan. Here are some of the steps you need to consider:

  • Analysis – establish the baseline of what your organization has in place now, that is, look at current workflow, infrastructure, budget and resources
  • Governance – establish an accountable body of people of stakeholders from across the organization who will set and help achieve the goals; these people will help to ensure engagement occurs with staff
  • Goal Setting – what is your vision? What do you need in place prior to 2025 and what is it going to require to get it
  • Prioritize for quick wins – get started set by focusing on a few quick wins – what are the easy things that can be addressed at relatively low cost, little time, and disruption

 “Canon Medical has the expertise and the experience to help you create the plan and the solution,” asserts Alison Hallam, Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Imaging. “We literally have the solutions now that are required for 2025, and we can work with you to clarify and then achieve those quick wins.”