If your PACS is holding you back, it’s about time for a new solution.

Get started today with our PACS Considerations Checklist.

Is your current PACS-only strategy holding you back?

As healthcare organizations become more digitized, and more specialties are generating data and images, the need for all of this data to be stored and shared electronically becomes more prevalent. Many organizations have found themselves continuing to band aid the PACS problem with siloed specialty PACS, creating inefficiencies among departments as these PACS aren’t designed to manage different types of data files.

Is your organization considering a PACS replacement or facing this PACS-only challenge? It’s about time for a new approach that may be faster, more flexible and more affordable than you think.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve complied a checklist of considerations when looking for a new solution. Whether you are here to evaluate your current PACS or wanting to better understand the different technical capabilities, this guide will help you get started to think differently today.


All of these aforementioned issues have created the PACS problem. Moving beyond a PACS strategy means taking all of the collected multimedia—images, videos, PDFs, reports, and other patient data—and storing it in one connected archival system. This is enterprise imaging.

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