Medis® Suite Cardiovascular MR


Medis Suite CVMR is integrated into Vitrea® Advanced Visualization and is a post-processing suite allowing for efficient and easy processing of Cardiovascular MR cases. It includes the industry-leading QMass and QFlow analytical applications for quantifying images. Together with Canon Medical’s 3D MRA capabilities, this integration provides a full set of tools for the post-processing of cardiac MR cases. Medis Suite provides an efficient and flexible workflow, including CVMR Viewer, QMass, and QFlow.

Medis® Suite Cardiovascular MR

DICOM Reading and Sorting Performance Improvements

  • The performance of the reading and sorting of DICOM images has been improved. This improvement has impact on how fast images are imported into a Medis Suite repository and how fast images are loaded and viewed by Medis Suite. The improvement applies to all DICOM images, but it is especially noticeable in larger MR and CT studies.

4D Flow

  • 4D Flow is a new separately licensed option and provides visualization tools and a quantitative analysis of 4D flow MR data.
  • Simple MPR tool n Single click noise removal n Background corrections in a single click
  • Color overlay for speed, streamlines and vectors
  • Allow launching of QFlow to measure volumes, regurgitant fraction and peak flow velocity
  • Review flow as overlay on Cine SSFPs in 2D

CVMR Viewer

  • Scanline views for cross referencing
  • Perform caliper measurements
  • Take snapshots
  • Flexible reporting, including predefined texts


  • QMass provides quantitative analysis of Cardiac MR data.
  • Global Function
  • Regional Function Analysis
  • Time-Signal Intensity
  • Delayed Signal Intensity and T2-weighted Analysis
  • Stress Levels Comparison
  • T2/T2* Analysis
  • T1 Mapping


  • Vessel contour detection for up to four regions of interest (ROI)
  • Display of flow velocities and flow volumes in graphs
  • Forward, backward flow volume and regurgitation fraction calculation
  • Calculation of peak velocity and peak or mean pressure gradient
  • “Phase unwrap” for correction of aliasing and various background correction options available, including, “Stationary flow fit” method and phantom correction
  • Quantification of cerebral spinal fluid

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