05 Mar 2018

New Opportunity Navigator Predictive Analytics Solution Refined Through Vital Images and Fairview Collaboration

Solution provides next-generation analytics with predictive capabilities

March 5, 2018 – Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA – Vital Images announced today it refined its latest innovation, Vitrea® Intelligence Opportunity Navigator through collaboration with Fairview Health Services. This new application was developed to take analytics to the next level by enabling healthcare organizations to view operational data from a financial perspective.

Vital’s Opportunity Navigator application is a next-generation analytics tool that automatically discovers and quantifies hidden opportunities for cost removal, cost avoidance and revenue generation. “Faced with new value-based reimbursement models and declining margins, healthcare leaders are looking for ways to support business decision making – not just for today, but for the future,” indicates Vital’s Product Line Director Ben Slater. “It’s not enough for healthcare organizations to react to data. They need the ability to make more proactive business decisions.”

Since 2014, Vital has built a strong, collaborative relationship with the Fairview Imaging Services team. One of the team’s key objectives is to accelerate decision making. “This type of tool helps them think about operational efficiency in new ways that improve their agility,” notes Slater. Opportunity Navigator is enabling Fairview to translate data into information, accelerating planning and process-improvement capabilities. “The next two years will bring significant change across the healthcare industry. By collaborating with our customers in designing Opportunity Navigator, we help automate the translation of information into knowledge, ensuring we deliver the best solutions,” he adds.

Vitrea Intelligence also provides analytics functionality to Fairview through the use of the Practice Management suite of applications. Opportunity Navigator augments Fairview’s existing installation of Vitrea Advanced Visualization and its comprehensive, multi-modality viewing applications.

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