SIIM 2021, New Releases for Vitrea AV and Enterprise Imaging, Vital Advisory Board, and more!

Is your PACS holding you back? It's time to break the cycle.

SIIM 2021 | May 24-27

Join Vital at SIIM 2021 virtually as we display our latest in Enterprise Imaging, AI, cybersecurity and more.

Discover the latest from Vital, catch up on trending topics and hear how Vital is here to help you break out of the PACS cycle.

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Vitrea® Advanced Visualization Version 7.14 Now Available

Vitrea Advanced Visualization 7.14 is globally released. In addition to our current Vitrea Advanced Visualization applications, we continue to improve and enrich our clinical offerings across all modalities.

Request more information to see the latest innovations and What’s New in the Vitrea Advanced Visualization product.

Enterprise Imaging brings data from PACS together.

Latest Enterprise Imaging release focused on helping to give clinicians and administrators the power to manage their data.

You and your colleagues are swimming in data, and yet all that information remains untapped and shut away in one of many repositories throughout your healthcare system. Data that could be used intelligently to help to save lives and improve care.

An enterprise imaging solution is an essential way to not only access that data, but also orchestrate it into meaningful information to help your healthcare organization function more effectively.

Enterprise Imaging (EI) is a diagnostic and data orchestration tool that delivers medical images and vast amounts of data when and where it is needed, parsed and organized so that clinical and administrative teams can interpret, collaborate, and make diagnoses and treatment decisions for patients.

Vital has recently released its latest version of their EI solution with a focus on giving you the power to manage your data. Self-service and a unified user experience are the prominent themes in the latest release.

This release introduces features and tools that deliver to clinicians and administrators:

  • Access to more data through new dashboards and visualizations in the business analytics tool;
  • The ability to view images from multiple orientations in our diagnostic viewer;
  • Remote access to non-sensitive data for better support;
  • A more consistent, unified look and feel to the user experience.

Request a meeting to learn more about how you can help your organization connect disparate PACS and other data into an efficient, perceptive and interoperable Enterprise Imaging Solution.

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The Vital Performance Option Package

Help Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership with One Complete Solution

  • See the benefits of upgrading to the latest software version
  • Bring the complete suite of clinical applications within reach
  • Gain flexibility to make upgrades and add capabilities outside of budget cycles

More News from Vital

  • Vital Images Advisory Board
    • In March, Vital held its inaugural Medical Advances Advisory Board meeting that engaged 12 medical and IT informatics leaders from around the globe. This virtual meeting focused on the future of our enterprise imaging solution, providing insights into the marketplace and the direction of our roadmap, as well as other notable trends in the healthcare IT space. The advisory meetings will be held bi-annually.
  • We want to hear from you!
    • In the coming weeks, you may receive a phone call or email survey from us. We hope you will share your feedback to help us identify what is working well and areas we can improve to better support you. We greatly appreciate your participation.
  • Upcoming Events
    • SIIM May 24-27 (Virtual)
    • ASNR May 22-26 (within Virtual Canon Booth)
    • AHRA August 1-4 (within Canon booth Nashville,TN)
    • HIMSS August 9-13 (Las Vegas, NV)
    • WNRS October 6-10 (Reno, NV)
    • RSNA (within Canon Booth Chicago, IL)

AV Quick Tips

Q: I use a specific protocol, can I have it show up all the time without needing to scroll?

A: Yes, Right Click and Pin the application

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diagnostic tool showing pinned settings

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