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See Beyond Today - Canon Medical at RSNA 2020

Experience Vital Virtual Booth at RSNA 2020

Join Vital as we highlight our newest in Enterprise Imaging, AI, and Vitrea Advanced Visualization.

Now more than ever, Vital is here to help organizations change the way they look at imaging data. From enabling teams with remote work, to a different perspective on PACS replacement – Vital is helping RSNA attendees see beyond today. During RSNA, make a plan to visit our virtual booth to see the latest from Vital – from how we are utilizing AI, to webinars from industry thought-leaders and product demonstrations.

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Coming Soon – Vitrea® Advanced Visualization version 7.14

Vitrea Advanced Visualization 7.14 is planned for a global release in 2021. A few highlights of this release include enhancements to CT Lung Density Analysis, Global Illumination, CT Brain Perfusion, CAC-DRS in CT VScore™ and more. This release also includes the integration of NeuroQ™ by Syntermed.

CT Lung Density Analysis now offers a refreshed look and features for evaluation of high densities in the lungs.

  • Optimized HU density ranges
  • Addition of light blue to the color range to display very high densities
  • Medium densities displayed in green for enhanced visibility
  • Density quantification table toggles between volume and percentage of lung
  • Updated results table provides concise summary of volumetric findings
  • Results table capture provides a restorable snapshot for rapid review of lungs

Global Illumination rendering is now available in select Vascular, Abdominal and Urogram protocols via combo presets.

NeuroQ is a separately licensable application and is now integrated into Vitrea Advanced Visualization. NeuroQ is used to assess neurodegenerative processes and underlying symptoms of cognitive and movement disorders by comparing regional activity values to each other and to those in brain scans acquired for asymptomatic control subjects.

More detailed information about applications and enhancements will be available at the time of the global release.

*The upgrade to 7.14 may require new hardware.

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Looking Ahead to 2021 – Enterprise Imaging Solution

Vital is making plans for the next year of enterprise imaging solution development. As 2020 has shown, plans may change due to other influences, but Vital is focused on improving its solution for users. Here are some broad themes that Vital Images is looking to focus on for 2021:

Efficiency for Radiologists and their clinical colleagues

As the repercussions of a global pandemic and the quest for value-based care continue to reverberate, we know that efficiency is essential in medical imaging. So, too, is the idea of ‘remote’ or ‘location-independent’ reading because the work of radiologists is happening more and more virtually. There are two ways we are working to improve efficiency:

  • Streamlining the Solution – this can be as simple as reducing the number of clicks, but it includes advanced hanging protocols, automation of routine tasks, and more advanced clinical features.
  • Remote or Location-Independent Reading – another major effort in the forthcoming year is to introduce greater mobility that will help radiologists and their clinical colleagues to have access to medical imaging data on any platform, wherever they are located.

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Vital Performance Option Package- Subscription Model

A recent conference from a leading research industry association revealed that of the original fifty companies identified in Technology and Service Industry Association’s Technology and Service Top 50, only 22 still exist. The reason given is that the companies who no longer exist did not make the shift from a perpetual license model to a subscription model. With this, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move to subscription from a run to an all-out sprint.

What is causing this shift? Healthcare providers need to leverage operational budgets via a manageable monthly expense rather than finding budgets for large capital purchases and upgrades.

So, what is Vital doing to address this need from customers? Vital now offers an attractive subscription offering in addition to the traditional capital purchase approach that can be applied to new purchases and upgrades to existing Vitrea Systems. Vital has a program available that transfers existing Vitrea assets to state-of-the-art enterprise grade hardware with enhanced cybersecurity with a server 2019 OS. This delivers the latest release of Vitrea software version (7.12) and includes the Vital Performance Option Package with 22 Vitrea application Packages. Complete with professional services to deploy the system and education credits to train the clinical team. This subscription approach includes the support contract, delivers tremendous clinical value while controlling operational lifecycle costs. Future upgrades, concurrent users and options can be easily added to the subscription without having to go through the capital budgeting process. Everything you need can be included in a predictable monthly or quarterly payment.

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