CT Brain Perfusion 2D


CT Brain Perfusion 2D workflow is a convenient method of assessing perfusion disturbances within the brain. Concurrent display of the image maps aid in the assessment of the type and extent of cerebral perfusion disturbances.

  • Vitrea® software identifies the artery and vein, then computes five color-coded image maps with quantitative results: delay, mean transit time (MTT), regional blood flow (rCBF), regional blood volume (rCBV) and time to peak (TTP)
  • Summary maps communicate results of a CT perfusion exam and provide tissue classification
  • Streamlined workflow with automatic curve-fitting, midline correction, motion correction and region of interest templating
  • Selection of Bayesian, singular value decomposition (SVD) and delay-insensitive singular value decomposition (SVD+) algorithms

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