CT Brain Perfusion 4D


CT Brain Perfusion 4D is a convenient method of assessing perfusion disturbances within the brain. Concurrent display of the image maps aid in the assessment of the type of extend of abnormal cerebral blood flow. Automated tools help to efficiently visualize anatomy and pathology.

  • Automatic calculation of quantitative brain perfusion results: Regional Cerebral Blood Volume (rCBV), Mean Transit Time (MTT), Regional Cerebral Blood Flow (rCBF), Time-to-Peak of tissue response curve (TTP) and Delay of tissue response curve
  • Selection of SVD+ (delay insensitive) and Bayesian deconvolution algorithms
  • Single-view Summary Map for communicating the perfusion results
  • 4D cine of the DSA view for visualizing the flow of contrast through the vessels
  • Automatic curve-fitting and motion correction

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