Medis® Suite Cardiovascular MR


Medis Suite CVMR is integrated into Vitrea® Advanced Visualization and is a post-processing suite allowing for efficient and easy processing of Cardiovascular MR cases. It includes the industry-leading QMass and QFlow analytical applications for quantifying images. Together with Vital’s 3D MRA capabilities, this integration provides a full set of tools for the post-processing of cardiac MR cases. Medis Suite provides an efficient and flexible workflow, including CVMR Viewer, QMass, and QFlow.

CVMR Viewer

  • Scanline views for cross referencing
  • Perform caliper measurements
  • Take snapshots
  • Flexible reporting, including predefined texts


  • QMass provides quantitative analysis of Cardiac MR data.
  • Global Function
  • Regional Function Analysis
  • Time-Signal Intensity
  • Delayed Signal Intensity and T2-weighted Analysis
  • Stress Levels Comparison
  • T2/T2* Analysis
  • T1 Mapping


  • Vessel contour detection for up to four regions of interest (ROI)
  • Display of flow velocities and flow volumes in graphs
  • Forward, backward flow volume and regurgitation fraction calculation
  • Calculation of peak velocity and peak or mean pressure gradient
  • “Phase unwrap” for correction of aliasing and various background correction options available, including, “Stationary flow fit” method and phantom correction
  • Quantification of cerebral spinal fluid

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