TOMTEC’s solutions have been designed with the needs of a busy cardiovascular laboratory in mind. With the ability to quickly retrieve and navigate through studies, clinicians are now able to efficiently interpret patient data, while having access to all relevant clinical tools. The software enables clinicians to review prior studies to cross examine clinically warranted findings. The seamless integration of TOMTEC-ARENA™ into Vitrea® Advanced Visualization means that the routine and advanced analysis of your ultrasound and cath images is reachable within one click and completely embedded in your clinical workflow.

  • TOMTEC Cardiology Ultrasound Basic
  • TOMTEC Cardiology Ultrasound Essentials
  • TOMTEC Cardiology Ultrasound Premium
  • TOMTEC Cardiac Cath Complete
  • TOMTEC Cardiac Echo Cath
  • TOMTEC Radiology Ultrasound

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