Canon Medical 2020 Virtual Booth
SIIM 2020 Annual Meeting

Experience VNAi in action during an on-demand Product Demonstration and Q&A session.

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SIIM 2020 Virtual Meeting

Welcome to Canon Medical’s Virtual Booth

With SIIM 2020 turning into a virtual experience, we look forward to connecting with you here in Canon Medical’s Virtual Booth.

Digitally unlock and explore interactive and trending content such as remote reading enablement, interoperability, artificial intelligence and more. Learn about the Vitrea Enterprise Imaging solution and how our efficient, perceptive and interoperable EI solution can help organizations reduce operational costs and risk, increase efficiency, identify revenue generation and deliver exceptional care.

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The Power of Enterprise Imaging

Watch this on demand product demonstration and Q&A session led by a team of Canon Medical experts. Hear how Vitrea Enterprise Imaging can answer your organization’s needs.

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Vitrea Enterprise Imaging Product Demonstration

The Bigger Picture

Healthcare is migrating from traditional care methods to methods that have a more consumer-centric approach. New methods will require the seamless integration of data silos into a more expansive virtual data system that can deliver contextualized information, and provide knowledge and insight.

Michael J. Gray
Gray Consulting

Expert Spotlights

Virtual, on-demand webinars featuring keynote speakers on the latest healthcare IT topics. Hear how industry experts are solving complex problems with EI solutions.

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Jef Williams headshot

The New Normal

Jef Williams, Paragon Consulting Partners, and Larry Sitka, Canon Medical, discuss post-pandemic strategies for managing the “New Normal”
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Dawn Cram headshot

ONC Interoperability Roadmap

Dawn Cram, Managing Partner at The Gordian Knot Group, LLC, provides insight on the 21st Century Cures Act and the pathway to nationwide interoperability.
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Dave Revell headshot

Transparent Worklist

Dave Revell, CIO at Radio shares how you can provide real-time data to enable maximum productivity with an AI-Driven Workflow.

Innovations in Enterprise Imaging

Enterprise imaging solutions can help organizations improve data sharing across departments and health care systems by breaking down data silos and allowing seamless access to images.

Enable access with enterprise imaging with an all-in-one solution for your organization’s viewing needs. Better understand how increased access for the organization and providers can support your efforts to improve patient care.

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Identify revenue generation opportunities with EBIW

Watch this webinar to discover how Encounters-Based Imaging Workflows can solve common PoCUS challenges by incorporating encounters-based exam images into the patient’s record for access by the entire care team.

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Vitrea | Encounters-Base Imaging Workflow

How do we adopt a learning health system?

Learning health systems entail a clinical life cycle where patient data is collected..analysis is performed… knowledge is generated and that leads to changed clinical practice and eventually new patient data being collected.

Dawn Cram
The Gordian Knot Group, LLC

Trending Topics

Elevate Your Current Telehealth Encounter

Learn how Canon Medical can help during and after a pandemic, with collaboration tools and solutions to allow for physicians to read safely from home.


Planning for a PACS replacement?

When considering a PACS replacement, consider the ability to serve the imaging and data-sharing needs of the entire enterprise.


Artificial Intelligence in Imaging

Learn about our vision for the future of enterprise imaging, including harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and new ways to record and access images.

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two doctors talking to each other through their mobile devices about radiology images

Ochsner Health System selected Canon Medical as their enterprise imaging solution partner.

With Canon Medical, Ochsner seeks to improve clinical efficiency across all service lines. Watch this interview to learn more about how Ochsner Health System selected Canon Medical as their partner for their new enterprise imaging solution.

Canon Medical / Ochsner Interview

Latest in Enterprise Imaging

Trends, strategies and challenges to help you make the most of enterprise imaging.

A doctor looking at virtual healthcare information

EI Strategies and Challenges

Find recommendations for your EI strategy, based on challenges outlined in Gartner’s report on imaging content management.
three people discussing radiology

Artificial Intelligence in Imaging

Learn about our vision for the future of enterprise imaging, including harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and new ways to record and access images.
Electronic data that is connecting with each other.

Accelerate Your Existing VNA

Break down data silos and take advantage of existing image sharing functionality with VNA.

Education Resources

Learn more about how enterprise imaging can change the way organizations access, view and manage medical images.

doctor examining radiology images using Vitrea on a mobile device

EI 101

Explore the facets of enterprise imaging and how they contribute to consistent, quality, patient care.
Oschner group discussion

EI in Action

Learn how Ochsner Health System selected Canon Medical as their partner for their new EI solution, as they seek to improve clinical efficiency across all service lines.
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speaker presenting about "Reinvent or Replace" with an image of a brain on the screen

Building on the Foundation for True Interoperability

This on-demand webinar by Dr. Rasu Shrestha focuses on shaping the future of healthcare technology and getting to the next level of interoperability.
A doctor is touching health virtual data.

Challenges for Digital Transformation

Find takeaways from Gartner’s report on imaging content management in healthcare, including recommendations for enterprise imaging strategies.
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There is two rows of computers in a data center with virtual data all around the room.

Enterprise Imaging Success Stories

Download our e-book to read how three clients improved clinical and business outcomes with Vitrea enterprise imaging solution.

A picture is a million words, forget a thousand words. And so, I think this technology and the speed of this technology allows for more providers and certain patients, I mean, the future is we want to try to get patient’s images in their hands through their portal… so that they can see what’s going on.

Ashley Clary
Oschner Health System

Enterprise Imaging Solutions

Vitrea Vision Icon

Vitrea Vision

Give your clinicians insight to diagnostic data through Vitrea Vision, a three-part platform that delivers clarity, flexibility and versatility regardless of the clinical role and how that clinician needs to interpret the information.

The Power of Enterprise Imaging

Enterprise imaging can help organizations make patient data more accessible while also supporting interoperability and telehealth efforts.

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Vitrea Enterprise Imaging  |  Full Demonstration

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Enterprise Imaging can provide organizations with access to meaningful data. Take a closer look at Vitrea Enterprise Imaging and see how we can help you unlock, analyze and share information, across your enterprise and remotely.

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