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Technical Service Bulletin: Duplicate Series Instance UID’s

Date Sept 9th, 2020
Audience Internal- Vital and Canon
Version(s) 7.12.x
Deployment(s) Type All domain joined deployments, especially enterprise, which are always domain joined. Domain joined extend and enterprise single server (ESS) deployments are also impacted.
Description When a study is imported and contains a series whose series instance UID matches the series instance UID of a series in another study that has already been imported, Vitrea will stop processing all incoming DICOM. This can happen when the series with a duplicate series instance UID is the only series in a given association or is the last series processed in a given association.
Recommended Action

Push each study (and all their series) in a single association (like via MediaManager). This will work unless the duplicate instance UID series is the last one to be processed in the association. This issue is unlikely to occur since the duplicate UID is detected before additional processing is complete and this bad series will most likely be processed before all the other ones have completed in the association.

Note: If a site experiences this issue and dicom processing has stopped all hung AssocServant process must be killed and Rcv3DProcessor service must be stopped. The Dicom.Association table should be cleared and the DICOMReceive folder should be emptied. Then Rcv3Processor can be restarted and studies can be pushed again. If a study has a duplicate series instance UID of an already existing series, this situation will occur again. The workaround can be used to push studies that have a series with a duplicate series instance UID.


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