10 Apr 2017

To Build or Buy an Analytics Solution? (Part 4)

Interview with Matt Dewey, CIO of Wake Radiology

Thus far in the series, Dewey has reflected on his experiences both in building an in-house analytics solution and buying an analytics platform.  In the first three interviews, Dewey covers the costs and resources required including staffing, software, and hardware, and he discusses the financial, clinical, and operational implications.

In this week’s video interview, Dewey focuses on why it is important to customize an analytics platform and develop his own applications on top of that platform.  Facilities often have unique data relevant only to them.  Vendors may hesitate to build customized features into an analytics platform because they may not fit every facility’s needs.  A flexible solution allows customers with custom needs to tweak the system without having to build an entire new solution from the ground up.

To Build or Buy an Analytics Solution? (Part 4/8) Interview with Matt Dewey – CIO, Wake Radiology.