08 May 2017

To Build or Buy an Analytics Solution? (Part 8)

Interview with Matt Dewey, CIO of Wake Radiology

In this week’s video, CIO Matt Dewey discusses the interplay between IT and the user community that ultimately drives the evolution towards being a data-driven organization.

Typically, when a user requires data, a request is sent to IT to generate a report. Users are asking more and more to be able to access the data on their own. In some cases users are already trying to access the data from various system applications on their own, highlighting the need for standardization. Two users may run the same analysis and come up with different results depending on how they run their queries. Dewey expects that as users are empowered with self-service access to data, standardization will increase, the questions users ask will become better, and the turnaround time will be reduced significantly. Users will no longer need to wait for IT’s response to requests for data before asking their next question.

To Build or Buy an Analytics Solution? (Part 8/8) Interview with Matt Dewey – CIO, Wake Radiology.