17 Feb 2017

Vital Images Brings “Connect” Capabilities to Vitrea® VNA

Image Management Workflow Across Disparate PACS Systems

Minneapolis, February 17, 2017 —Vital Images, a Minneapolis-based advanced medical imaging and informatics company announces the introduction of Vitrea VNA connect deployment. The connect deployment allows a hospital based PACS system to recognize relevant comparisons in other non-affiliated image locations such as a regional repository or disparate PACS system. The technology allows for either ad-hoc or automated query retrieves of patient images, and localizes the metadata to the format used by the requesting PACS.

“Vitrea VNA connect deployment builds on our concept of providing a seamless, longitudinal patient image record through federation without requiring an expensive ‘big bang’ migration,” says Mike LaChance,VP of Enterprise Solutions at Vital Images.

About Vital Images
Vital Images, a Canon Group company, is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and enterprise informatics solutions to help healthcare organizations deliver exceptional care while optimizing resources across multi-facility organizations. The company’s solutions are scalable to meet the unique needs of hospitals and imaging centers and are accessible throughout the enterprise anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit www.vitalimages.com or join the conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
Vitrea is a trademark of Vital Images

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