11 Jun 2019

Vital Images Partners With Baptist Health to Deliver Complete Vitrea® Enterprise Imaging Solution

Baptist Health is Arkansas’ largest healthcare provider and physician network. The solution deployment will include the full Vitrea Enterprise Imaging suite.

June 11, 2019 – Minnetonka, MN – Vital Images announced today continued success with Baptist Health in the implementation of the Vitrea Enterprise Imaging solution. Baptist Health is Arkansas’ largest healthcare provider and physician network. The solution deployment will include the full Vitrea Enterprise Imaging suite.

Strong partnership between Vital Images and Baptist Health

With a strategy focused on synergies, Vital enabled Baptist Health to shift from the original implementation plan to a smoother and more successful plan that catered to Baptist Health’s growing needs, including the acquisition of two additional hospitals and a variety of clinics. Through clinical and technical consulting and various discovery workshops, Vital continues to help Baptist Health refine their project deployment schedule and implementation details, as well as work together to create a phased rollout approach.

This strong partnership has allowed Baptist Health to become self-reliant and self-sufficient with their upcoming deployments. With Vital’s support and knowledge transfer, Baptist Health is now able to launch each new site independently. “We’re working with our customers and giving them the toolkit they need, while surfacing elements of their current environment which they had never had to think about since their previous PACS,” said Carrie Handley, Clinical Applications Consultant for Vital. “Given our experiences with other customers, we were able to evaluate their clinical workflows, engage their working knowledge of their ambulatory applications and expertly integrate with features they previously were not aware of.”

Data migration

One of the most critical pieces of the Baptist Health project has been data migration. “With Baptist Health, we were able to level-set and clean their data that had been with another PACS vendor for 10-12 years,” said Handley. “It was important that the data was extracted, cleaned and upheld to a level of integrity that Baptist Health required to remain successful.” It was clear to Vital that data migration was a pivotal point for Baptist Health.

The decision for Enterprise Imaging

According to Michael Elley, Chief Information Officer at Baptist Health, the decision to implement Vitrea Enterprise Imaging was based on financial factors and the demand for interoperability. “Our imaging data was siloed in numerous disparate PACS,” he says. “We needed consistent, remote reading capabilities network-wide. We manage nearly 60 imaging sites across the state of Arkansas. And every clinician needs full access to our complete imaging repository.” Elley said the Vital partnership would improve cross-site imaging workflows, eliminate PACS and identify other areas for business improvement through enterprise analytics.

Enterprise imaging represents a new way of thinking about image management according to Vice President, Chief Strategic Information Officer for Enterprise Applications Larry Sitka from Vital. “In the past, digital imaging decisions were made at the department level,” Sitka explains. “But department-centric solutions don’t typically integrate well. Enterprise imaging is IT-centric, and IT crosses all department boundaries. Vitrea Enterprise Imaging is the universal language for healthcare imaging data for all modalities.”

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