Our Experience Tells us That the Patient Story is Never Complete

Often unseen by the clinician, Vitrea Connection is the foundation upon which our visualization and resource planning solutions excel.

It is the engine that constantly renews and refreshes all the relevant information from disparate sources in real-time and seamlessly delivers it to the applications at the point of care. You stay connected to the ever-changing patient story, able to make effective decisions and improve patient care because you have the longitudinal view of the patient record.

Enterprise Imaging Archive | Canon Medical |Vitrea Connection Diagram

Vitrea Connection offers a flexible, service-oriented architecture:

  • Support a variety of deployment scenarios targeting multi-site, multi-PACS environments at a departmental, enterprise, regional, or national scale
  • Deliver patient-centric orchestration of multiple data types – DICOM and non-DICOM – contained in other systems, allowing you to leverage your existing investments while immediately improving workflow and interoperability
  • Facilitate a progressive migration and replacement strategy en route to a consolidated solution, avoiding costly data migrations
  • Provide massive, horizontal scalability to quickly expand capacity without downtime as you grow your solution
  • Leverage industry standards to maximize interoperability
  • Simplify business continuance and disaster recovery