Improve Your Financial Performance With Predictive Financial Analytics

Running a profitable imaging business in today’s complex healthcare environment can be difficult. Adjusting to the demands of value-based reimbursement models and declining margins calls for a data-driven approach to managing your bottom-line.

Opportunity Navigator takes your predictive powers to the next level. By combining your operational and financial data, our financial analytics solution will present you with a menu of available financial ‘opportunities,’ and continuously direct you toward specific actions to increase revenues or avoid costs.

With Opportunity Navigator’s powerful recommendation engine, you will always have actionable information at your fingertips to achieve your financial objectives and organizational goals.

Operational Benefits

  • Proactively identify revenue and cost saving opportunities
  • Receive customized data to support achievement of revenue targets
  • Offer users self-service access to operational and financial data
  • Analyze resources impacting business performance

Clinical Benefits

  • Manage and optimize modality throughput
  • Reduce variation in exam performance
  • Identify opportunities to standardize clinical workflow
  • Improve operations associated with specific ICD-10 diagnostic codes

IT Benefits

  • Allow end users to easily visualize and interact with data
  • Free IT resources from report generation tasks
  • Leverage standard communications protocols such as HL7 and DICOM
  • Support enterprise data warehouse integration
  • Provide a scalable solution that grows with your organization
CT Vault with Money.
Smart board image.

Identify Revenue Generation and Cost Saving Opportunities With ‘Smart Board’

  • Graphically view proposed revenue and savings opportunities
  • Receive prescriptive recommendations on how to achieve proposed financial opportunities
  • Automatically rank and classify financial opportunities
  • View financial impact of each opportunity
Actionable Info image.

Achieve Financial Targets Using ‘Actionable Information’

  • View actionable information associated with each opportunity
  • Support evidence-based management decisions with customized data
  • Drill-down into operational details
  • Allow end users to configure fixed expense and equipment depreciation details for computing costs
Operational dashboard image.

Optimize Business Performance With the ‘Operational Dashboard’

  • Manage exam process flows to optimize modality throughput
  • View operational metrics affecting financial performance by facility
  • Manage referring providers’ exam pipeline
  • Discover and optimize business performance metrics sorted by specific procedures
Projection dashboard image.

Plan for the Future Using the ‘Projection Dashboard’

  • Compare current vs. projected future performance
  • Examine revenue and cost of procedures
  • View profitability projections
  • Project exam volume and equipment utilization trends