Your Complete Solution for Primary Diagnosis and Reading

As the quantity and content of imaging studies surges, it presents a challenge to deliver the relevant information to the radiologist to efficiently answer the clinical question at hand.

EasyViz is designed with those challenges in mind. EasyViz provides a comfortable, organized reading experience, helping to meet the increasing demands on radiologists’ time.

By supporting the radiologist with a highly flexible, personalized tool, EasyViz maximizes productivity while increasing diagnostic accuracy, helping to improve patient care.

Flexibly supports your unique workflow needs
  • Multiple deployment options – thick, thin and zero footprint – allow diagnosis from local or remote environments with uncompromised image quality and performance
  • Enhance the communication that supports improved patient care with real-time session collaboration, interrupted workflow and multi-disciplinary team meetings
Personalized for optimal user experience
  • The customizable diagnostic toolset provides radiologists with a fast and reliable viewing experience that is consistent regardless of device or location
  • Advanced hanging protocols are highly contextualized, driven by modality, body part and your individual reading preferences
Clinically advanced for improved diagnostic accuracy
  • Complete 2D/3D toolset across all modalities, including mammography and fusion* expansion modules, provides single system support for sub-specialty reads
  • Intuitive user interface for fast and easy navigation, image interaction and manipulation
  • Contextualized launch into advanced visualization applications, providing premier tools for diagnosis
Superior accessibility reduces complexity of retrieving data
  • Easily integrated with existing image repositories – PACS systems and VNAs – EasyViz allows for seamless access to distributed imaging data, including intelligent management of relevant priors
  • Adaptive streaming technology reduces network traffic and cost while maintaining high image reading performance and efficiency

* EasyViz Fusion is not available in the U.S.