Enterprise Data Demands: Where Humans, Infrastructure and Data Collide

How do we set the groundwork to consolidate and replace PACS systems into a complete enterprise imaging solution? Hear from our own Larry Sitka and Tim Dawson as they discuss this with Bill Russell from This Week in Health IT.

HIMSS TV: Leading Disruption with Canon Medical

In an interview with HIMSS TV, Larry Sitka, VP and CSIO of enterprise applications at Canon Medical, shares his insights and perspective on the incoming digital transformation of healthcare organizations.

Infrastructure that Helps Tell the Entire Patient Story with AI

Fireside Chat: Infrastructure that Helps Tell the Entire Patient Story with AI

Automated Insights (AI) is the hottest buzzword inside of every healthcare organization. Many experts say AI will be integral to the workflow of the future, but in order to tell a clear patient story there must be data infrastructure and governance to support it.

Science technology concept. AI. Laboratory. Examination. Research.

PACS Integration Webinar

Help Increase Your Organization’s Access to Data Through PACS Integration. As providers look to improve their ability to share data across their organization, they must find a way to connect data silos.

Science technology concept. Laboratory. Examination. Research.

#AskIndustry Session

SIIM 2021 #AskIndustry Session – Enterprise Imaging Use Cases Involving Clinical Diagnostic Imaging. Discover how enterprise imaging (EI) can improve care and how the informatics practices around EI are evolving and solutions are maturing.

Geisinger webinar screenshot.

A Realistic, Affordable Approach to AI

View this webinar with John Kravitz – CIO at Geisinger and Larry Sitka – Canon Medical, as they share how this approach to AI will change the CIO’s importance and thought process.

3D Volumetric Liver image.

3D Volumetric Liver Segmentation

View the demonstration and Q&A webinar on volumetric liver segmentation led by Norman Gellada, Imaging Specialist, 3D Advanced Visualization – Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

ONC Interoperability image.

ONC Interoperability Roadmap and Enterprise Imaging

Review what the ONC’s roadmap to interoperability is comprised of and where health systems are today on the journey from ability to compliance.

Imaging Providers Through a Pandemic image.

Imaging Providers Through a Pandemic

A discussion between Canon Medical’s Larry Sitka and Paragon Consulting Partners’ Eric Rice on observations as provider organizations have navigated an environment directed by COVID.

Ochsner's New Approach for Enterprise Imaging.

Ochsner's New Approach for Enterprise Imaging

Discover how Ochsner Health System selected Canon Medical as their partner for their new enterprise imaging solution.

Strategies for Managing the New Normal image.

Strategies for Managing the "New Normal"

Discover how you can use your imaging service influx as an indicator of the downstream effects and understand why and when patients may come to seek care.

Vitrea Enterprise Imaging Demonstration image.

Vitrea® Enterprise Imaging Demonstration

See a step-by-step walk through of advanced visualization tools, the VNA, image and data sharing, and the analytics and informatic tools to help you process the data you are reading.

Radiology Worklists image.

Radiology Worklists Are a Thing of the Past

Reduce the stress of “which one next?” while looking into an alternative and demand for capabilities from your existing worklist driven by your PACs, RIS or EMR.

Encounters-Based Imaging Workflow image.

Encounters-Based Imaging Workflow

View the capabilities of Canon Medical’s data orchestration engine, through an Encounters-Based Imaging Workflow demonstration with a point-of-care ultrasound and visible light scenarios.

Building The Foundation for True Interoperability image.

Building The Foundation for True Interoperability with Rasu Shrestha, MD, MBA

This on-demand video presentation by Dr. Rasu Shrestha focuses on shaping the future of healthcare technology on the heels of interoperability.