Encounters-Based Imaging Workflow

This webinar will showcase the powerful capabilities of Vital’s data orchestration engine, through a demonstration of its support of Encounters-Based Imaging Workflow for point of care ultrasound. Learn how Vital can help organizations capture additional technical charges and simultaneously provide a more complete clinical record for patients and providers.

Lung Cancer Screening with Low-Dose CT: Updates and Building a Screening Program

View an educational webinar featuring expert Christopher Lee, M.D., Associate Professor of Radiology at Keck School of Medicine of USC. Learn about NLST results, current lung cancer screening guidelines, current reimbursement landscape, keys for building a successful lung cancer screening program, and more.

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CT Colonography USPTF Updates and Clinical Case Review

View this educational webinar on USPTF Updates and Clinical Case Review presented by radiologist Dr. Beth McFarland.

  • Updates with USPTF / CMS / Reimbursement
  • Clinical Case Review
  • Normal Screening Case
  • Lesion Identification (sessile lesion, flat lesion)
  • Same Day Incomplete OC (tortuous, retained fluid)
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3D Medical Modeling and 3D Printing with Vitrea® Software

View this educational webinar to learn more about medical 3D modeling and 3D printing, industry motivations and application, and practical application using Vitrea Advanced Visualization software.

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healthsystemCIO.com All Stars Panel – The Dirty Little Secrets of Big Bang VNA

Vendor neutral archive is surely a hot topic in healthcare informatics, but is it really as simple as plug it in, turn it on and reach clinical “nirvana”? Learn about a few of the real challenges and costs associated with implementing the technology your vendor may not be telling you about. Things like “claimed” reduced storage costs, data migration, corrupted studies, private DICOM tags and lack of vendor connectivity might present more challenges than initially thought. Also, learn about hybrid strategies that can deliver your clinical data when and where you need it without disrupting the imaging and document management strategies you currently have in place.

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